Frequently Asked Questions

Who can become a member of the Citizen Consul Club?

Each VAR or ISV of AutoID and POS systems can become a member of the Citizen Consul Club, provided he does not sell exclusively through the internet. The applicant’s distributor and Citizen decide on membership. The membership always refers to the company, not to an individual.

How much does membership cost?

Membership is free of charge, but offers a number of benefits such as valuable rewards, marketing, sales and technical support as well as special prices for demo appliances.

My distributor is not shown in the list of distributors. What can I do?

Contact your distributor directly or get in touch with Citizen. You can contact the Citizen marketing department by phone (+49 711 3906 422) or e-mail (

What advantages does the Citizen Consul Club offer?

The Citizen Consul Club is a loyalty programme that grants VARs or ISVs of AutoID and POS systems advantages for the sale of Citizen printers. Depending on which group they belong to, members are entitled to various benefits in the sectors of marketing, sales and technical support. They can also collect bonus points for all printers sold and redeem them for different rewards, depending on the number of points. The rewards range from cash-back, training sessions and non-cash rewards to donations. For further details, contact your distributor or the Citizen marketing department at +49 711 3906 422 or

How do I collect bonus points?

The points are collected through one designated distributor, specified by you when you become a member. At the beginning of each month, your purchases from this distributor for the preceding month are credited to your account. Purchases made from other distributors do not count. You can have accounts with several distributors, but these cannot be combined.